The SIsterhood Series:
Bushwick Girls

By: Emma Rund



By: Alexandra Shields


Upcoming Events:

Join us on February 27th on Zoom

at 7:30 pm CST!

Are you a femme or nonbinary playwright in the Chicago area?

If so WE WANT YOU! Wayward Sister’s Theatre Ensemble is now accepting full length play(s) submissions for the Third Annual Work-Shopping Women’s Voices Festival.

Please email your full length play, along with a short paragraph of what you hope to get out of a workshop of your play to waywardsisterstheatre@gmail.com


The Purpose of Wayward Sisters Theatre is to make female driven stories more accessible to the general public of Chicago through theatre. It is our mission to focus on telling stories written by women playwrights, and plays that pass the Bechdel Test.


We are currently accepting donations to help fund our theatre, this allows us to pay our artists for their time and talent.
We thank you for your support and your generosity!

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